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2001-2006, PhD on Bioinformatics, Peking University

1995-1999, Bachelor on Maths/Computer Sciences, Nankai University.


Academic Experience

2021-now,   Leading Scientist on Bioinformatics and Computational Genomics, Changping Laboratory

2018-now,   Principal Investigator, BIOPIC, Peking University.

2011-2018,  Principal Investigator, School of Life Sciences, Peking University.

2008-2011,  Associated Professor, School of Life Sciences, Peking University.

Overview of Academic Research

1.  As biology turns increasingly into a data-rich science, the massive amount of data generated by high-throughput technologies present both new opportunities and serious challenges. Since 2011 when he firstly launched his lab at Peking University, Dr. Gao has developed fourteen novel bioinformatic algorithms and databases to analyze, integrate and visualize these digital treasures effectively and efficiently. Taking advantage of these powerful computational infrastructures, Dr. Gao is studying the functionality and dynamics of regulatory circuits in human and other organisms.

2.  10,000+ citations for 34 published peer-reviewed papers from world-wide research community along with 1.5+ billion hits for these online resources as during past five years well demonstrates their global significance and impact. Dr. Gao’s academic achievement has further been recognized through the Clarivate Highly Cited Researcher, Elsevier Chinese Most Cited Researchers, Stanford World Top 2% Scientists, the National Top-notch Young Professionals, and Lvye Distinguished Young Biomedical Scholar programs.

3.  In the coming years, Dr. Gao will continue his scientific pursuit to decipher the “coded messages” in genomes, with the goal of building the first “virtual cell”, an AI-powered in silico model for simulating the sophisticated intra-/inter-cellular regulatory interactions precisely, in the next decade. Meanwhile, as a Bioinformatics, Dr. Ge Gao will continue contributing to the overall success of Changping Laboratory through collaborations and education.

Major Honor and Awards

Clarivate Highly Cited Researcher, Elsevier Chinese Most Cited Researchers, and Stanford World Top 2% Scientists.

National Top-notch Young Professionals

The Founding Member and Deputy Director of the Expert Committee on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics, Chinese Society of Biotechnology

The instructor of outstanding higher-education academic courses at Beijing; The outstanding university advisor at Beijing.

Representative Research Achievements 

1. Cao Z.J. and Gao G.* 2022. Multi-omics single-cell data integration and regulatory inference with graph-linked embedding. Nat Biotechnol 40: 1458.


2. Tu X.M., Cao Z.J., Xia C.R., Mostafavi S*, Gao G.*. 2022. Cross-Linked Unified Embedding for cross-modality representation learning. In 36th Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS 2022, highlighted as “Oral”).


3. Li J.Y., Jin S., Tu X.M., Ding Y.*, Gao G.* 2021. Identifying complex motifs in massive omics data with a variable-convolutional layer in deep neural network. Brief Bioinform 22(6).


4. Cao Z. J., Wei L., Lu S., Yang D. C., Gao G.* 2020. Searching large-scale scRNA-seq databases via unbiased cell embedding with Cell BLAST. Nat. Commun 11:3458. (The China Top 10 Bioinformatics Achievements - 2020 )


5. Jiang S., Cheng S. J., Ren L. C., Wang Q., Kang Y. J., Ding Y., Hou M., Yang X. X., Lin Y., Liang N., Gao G.* 2019. An expanded landscape of human long noncoding RNA. Nucleic Acids Res. 47(15): 7842-7856. (The China Top 10 Bioinformatics Databases - 2019  )